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Forensic Evaluations & Expert Testimony


Forensic evaluations are evaluations completed at the request of a judge or which address issues which are likely to be the subject of a future court hearing.  These evaluations are not confidential since the information is needed by the court to address legal questions or concerns.   Forensic evaluations typically include interviews, psychological testing, and gathering relevant information from other individuals  or agencies. 

Forensic evaluations may include custody or parental fitness evaluations.  Or, evaluations may address questions about possible child abuse.  If abuse is suspected by the psychologist, she is legally required to report the concerns to the state's protective services agency.  These evaluations are performed by Dr. Hill and Dr. Schwenke.

Forensic evaluations may also address questions about personal injury or disability. These evaluations are offered by Drs. Hill and Schwenke.

Sometimes after a forensic evaluation, the psychologist may be requested to testify.  All of the psychologists who offer forensic services are comfortable with courtroom testimony.  If a psychologist has performed a forensic evaluation, he or she will testify about the findings related to a specific client.  At other times, a psychologist may be requested to offer expert testimony about a general psychological issue, even if he or she has not directly evaluated the person involved in a court proceeding.

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